So I mentioned in the intro, we have a new mental disorder - caffeine addiction - this is real, it's official. So do you find that you're missing your morning cup of coffee? Do you now have a headache; can you not concentrate on our exciting science news? Well now you can blame this scientifically on caffeine withdrawal - according to scientists in America. Depending on how much you drink, missing your regular cup of coffee can make you tired; suffer headaches, depression and irritability. In serious cases people might feel like they have the 'flu, feel sick, ache all over, the problems can be quite serious. The problems will start around a day after you stop drinking your coffee, and they're worst about 2 days later. Don't think you're immune if you have a small cup - the symptoms can occur if you have a regular cup a day. The scientists think that the reason you feel good after you have your cup is because you've actually had caffeine withdrawal overnight and you're getting your morning fix with your breakfast. The American team recommend if you want to cut down, you should gradually wind down your caffeine intake - switch to decaf or mix it half and half and don't forget about tea and coke as well, because they have caffeine in them as well. But after 170 years of research on coffee, the scientists conclude that caffeine withdrawal is actually a mental disorder, and it's now being included in the big scientific book of mental problems. I'm just wondering if you could claim a day off, by calling in and saying 'I've got caffeine withdrawal'.


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