Pheromone Face-wipes Set to Boost your Pulling Power.

03 September 2000


Do you want to increase your pulling power on the dance-floor ? We may have just the thing for you - pheromone face wipes ! ‘Kiotech’, a London biotech company has launched a brand of face-wipes soaked in 50 different human pheromones - these are the substances present in sweat which are responsible for our sex-appeal. The company claims that when its Xcite! wipes are rubbed on the face they make people appear more attractive to the opposite sex within a 3 foot radius. Apparently the effect lasts for 12 hours. George Dodd, a biochemist who helped to develop the wipes said “users were described as friendlier, warmer, and more inviting with a more attractive smile. They could help people to appear more influential in business meetings,” he said. The wipes will be sold for £1 each in clothes shops and condom machines in pubs and clubs. Peter Brennan's article about smell and pheromones Show featuring interview guest Peter Brennan discussing smells and pheromones (2003) Earlier interview with Peter Brennan on pheromones and sexual attraction (2002)


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