Phew - Light Exercise Is As Good for you As a Hefty Work-out...

10 September 2000


Exercise doesn’t have to be hell to be healthy, new research has shown. A new study carried out at Harvard School of Public Health in America has found that a single long period of exercise is no better for you than several shorter sessions, so long as the total amount of exercise is the same. The study looked at over 7000 men aged around 66 and found similar rates of heart disease in men who exercised regularly and those who only walked or climbed the stairs, provided that the total energy output was the same. However a second study on younger, middle-aged, men found that whilst any form of exercise reduces the chance of developing heart disease, more vigorous exercise such as running, swimming or tennis, reduces your chances more than light exercise, such as walking. At the end of the day, the studies have shown that any exercise is better for you than none, and climbing the stairs rather than taking the lift is a good way to get started.


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