Predicting the Number of Exo-Earths

25 November 2010


A new model has been used to predict the numbers of Earth-size exoplanets, and found far more than we expected.  Now we just need to find the planets themselves!

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One in Five Sun-like stars have Earth-like Planets, Naked Scientists

Andrew W. Howard, Geoffrey W. Marcy, John Asher Johnson, Debra A. Fischer, Jason T. Wright, Howard Isaacson, Jeff A. Valenti, Jay Anderson, Doug N. C. Lin, and Shigeru Ida; The Occurrence and Mass Distribution of Close-in Super-Earths, Neptunes, and Jupiters; Science; 29 October 2010: Vol. 330 no. 6004 pp. 653-655 DOI: 10.1126/science.1194854


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