Sending Cheese into Space

An American entrepreneur launches a cheese into space
12 December 2010


SpaceX a relatively small california based company has just launched a wheel of le brouére cheese into space, and more impressively brought it down after two orbits. Why... essentially just because they could.Cheese Payload used by SpaceX

The really impressive thing about it is that SpaceX which is a relatively small company mostly owned by Elon Musk who made a fortune out of Paypal and has used it to build space rockets. SpaceX has built both the Falcon 9 rocket and the Dragon space capsule themselves. This is the first time that a private company has lauched something into orbit and brought it back down again in one piece, and it is particularly interesting as the capsule is designed to be able to carry 7 crew at some time in the future. But for now spacex are concentrating on using the Dragon capsule to take cargo to and from the International Space station.

The cheese was sent up because they needed something to act as a payload, and there was no reason not to send cheese, I think it is rather refreshing and good for the space industry that someone is in a  position to send cheese into space because they want to...



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