Woman May Be Pregnant with Human Clone

07 April 2002


Rumours in the scientific world suggest that a woman may be pregnant with the first cloned human embryo, although her identity and country of origin are not known. Italian Severino Antinori and American Panos Zavos, fertility experts treating over 5000 couples with fertility problems per year, stated that they would like to create a cloned human by Christmas 2001, and Antinori's office in Rome have issued a statement confirming the claims. In the UK in June last year the Royal Society recommended a ban on human cloning saying "our experience with animals suggests that there would be a very real danger of creating seriously handicapped individuals if anyone tries to implant cloned embryos". This means that if the existence of this mystery woman is confirmed, apart from being a huge scientific milestone, is likely to spark massive public outrage and debate.


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