YouTube for Scientists

02 September 2007


Here's some news for any scientists that are listening - and anyone who want to get closer to the cutting edge - a new website has launched that aims to be a kind of YouTube for researchers. The site's called SciVee, and it's hoping to bring science closer to the people.

SciVee allows scientists to upload their published papers, as well as a podcast presenting the paper. The blurb on the site says SciVee "moves science beyond the printed word and lecture theatre, taking advantage of the Internet as a communication medium where scientists young and old have a place and a voice."

At the moment, the site is quite new, so there isn't much up on it, but the hope is that it will grow into a vibrant online community, with researchers interacting and commenting on each others' work. And, of course, if the presentations are accessible, then they might appeal to the general public, and encourage people to get more involved in science. If you're interested, you can find SciVee at


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