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08 November 2021

What is it like being Glasgow during this critical climate conference?

08 November 2021

Whales have been found to eat up to three times more than we initially estimated...

06 November 2021

Predictive text models might offer insight into how humans actually process language

06 November 2021

Matter slingshotted into space by black holes resembles volcanic eruptions and has large-reaching consequences

05 November 2021

Dawn choruses across Europe and North America are becoming quieter and less varied

04 November 2021

New nanotechnology promises rapid test development for current and future pandemics

29 October 2021

New technology can make clean hydrogen more cheaply and flexibly

29 October 2021

New combined approach could help tackle deadly bacteria

29 October 2021

Why do some of us walk to the shops one way and then routinely follow an alternative route home?

20 October 2021

Tiny polluting particles produced in and outdoors have been linked to millions of premature births...

19 October 2021

This extreme Nordic tradition burns calories with no exercise, and potentially improves sleep

14 October 2021

Now is the right time to bring that old phone in your drawer to a collection point

08 October 2021

From tasting chili peppers to modeling climate dynamics, we’re looking at the discoveries recognised this year

24 September 2021

Small changes to canteen menus resulted in a significant decrease in consumed calories...

17 September 2021

Minor 'nudges' in stores can lead to big increases in healthy purchases and drops in sales of sweets.

13 July 2021

A novel type of fully implantable temporary pacemaker has been developed that naturally absorbs into the body

02 July 2021

The rodents are not only taking a toll on the landscape, but also the wellbeing of farming communities...

01 July 2021

As glaciers move to the ocean they act as "natural bulldozers", crushing the underlying rock and releasing...

01 July 2021

Teen tyrannosaurs may have stepped in to fill a void previously held by other meat-eating dinosaur species...

25 June 2021

There was a mysterious global shark extinction about 19 million years ago and sharks never bounced back

25 June 2021

The rise of slime off Turkey is a dangerous eyesore. But it's not all doom and gloop: this can be reversed

06 June 2021

Rivers and underground water sources don't recover from drought...

04 June 2021

Sharks gather map-like information from Earth's magnetic field

11 May 2021

Mining without the digging...