Egyptian Looting, Behavioural Variability and Pollen

17 February 2011
Presented by Diana O'Carroll, Tom Birch


This month: current events in Egypt affecting ancient artefacts; Britons fashioning cups from skulls; games played in the Indus; and when humans behaved like humans. Plus, in Backyard Archaeology Tom Birch goes to Paul's place... to look at pollen.

In this episode

An M1 Abrams tank placed near Tahrir Square during the 2011 Egyptian protests.

Riots in Egypt damage archaeological finds
with Zahi Hawass, Minister of Antiquities in Egypt.

Human Neurocranium - Good Bowl?

Did Britons drink from skulls?
with Dr Silvia Bello

Indus Valley Civilization

Play and games in Bronze Age Pakistan
with Elke Rogersdotter, University of Gothenburg

Cave painting of auroches (''Bos primigenius primigenius'') in Lascaux, France.

When did we start acting like modern humans?
with Professor John Shea, Stony Brook University

Marmelade fly (Episyrphus balteatus) sitting on a flower of a Grey-haired Rockrose.

What can pollen tell us about ancient plants and human impact on the environment?


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