How long am I infectious with COVID19?

01 July 2020
Presented by Chris Smith with Azania Mosaka, Talk Radio 702. 
Production by Chris Smith.


Covid-19 sample test


This week, if something could move faster than light, how would we detect its speed? Also, why do we cry, and why do the experiences of others make my feet tingle? How far from Earth is Mars, why has smoking been banned in South Africa during Covid lockdown, why are wind turbines not placed single-file, how long am I infectious with Covid-19, and can you smell in space? Join Azania Mosaka and Dr Chris Smith for the answers...


As I have stated many times. 'There is no 'Speed of Light'! It comes as a spectrum each part of which has to be driven in accordance with its waveform, otherwise it collapses.

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