Is the Moon a piece of planet Earth?

How did the Moon form? And can my Tourette's make me speed?
19 July 2019
Presented by Chris Smith with Refilwe Moloto, 567 Cape Talk. 
Production by Chris Smith.


Photograph of a full moon, viewed from the Earth


This week, on its 50th Anniversary, Dr Chris reflects on the Apollo 11 Moon landings, explores the basis of Bell's Palsy, explains the origins of an itch, and asks if wheat is bad for you. We also discuss the microbiome and food intolerance, why burned food tastes great but could give you cancer, whether Tourette's would be a good excuse for being caught speeding, why radio signals are out of sync through different devices, and if the Moon is a piece of planet Earth. As always, if you want to know the scientific answer... Ask the Naked Scientists!


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