Would a fat person last longer in a famine?

Also, why ice cubes stick to my skin, and why shop-bought but not home-reared chickens have soft bones and tender meat...
26 October 2020
Presented by Chris Smith with Azania Mossaka, Talk Radio 702. 
Production by Chris Smith.


Different body shapes, fat, thin, tall and short


Can omnivores switch their diets to survive on whatever is available? Would a fat person last longer in a famine than a more svelte subject? How does serology help in the management of Covid-19? Could we use GM technology to develop a healthy form of tobacco? How and why do chameleons change colour? Why does ice stick to your skin? Why does a shop-bought chicken have tender meat and softer bones than animals reared at home? Join Dr Chris Smith and Talk Radio 702's Azania Mossaka for the answers...


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