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08 December 2017

What would happen to someone born on Mars?

01 December 2017

And why is farting so funny?

24 November 2017

How does aspirin help with a headache? Does microwaving your food affect its nutritional content? What happens to eye...

17 November 2017

Will bottled water grow algae? If you toast bread will it keep its nutritional value?

10 November 2017

Why don't I have fingerprints? How do energy drinks affect your body? What makes a person left handed?

03 November 2017

Can galaxies exceed the speed of light? What is the speed of dark? And do we understand stuttering?

27 October 2017

Is the earth flat? How do cats judge their jumps?

20 October 2017

Why are rainbows curved? Why do you get double rainbows?

13 October 2017

How does my cat open doors? Why can't I pause the radio?

06 October 2017

Why is ice sometimes sticky? Can you carbon date a person?

29 September 2017

Is Earth about to be wiped out by Planet X? Do animals indulge in same-sex relationships? Are B vitamins linked to...

08 September 2017

Why do people scream when falling from buildings? How do bombs affect the environment? How do aeroplanes land safely?

01 September 2017

Can we 3D print rhino horn? How do cats eat and purr at the same time?

25 August 2017

Can we eliminate flies and mosquitoes from our ecosystem and live in peace? When will the universe end? Chris Smith...

11 August 2017

What causes static electricity? Should your blood type affect your diet? Can we get to Mars?

08 August 2017

When you have been driving for a long time and then park your vehicle, why does it feel as though you are still moving...

28 July 2017

Why do people wake up at 3am after drinking? Why is hot water cloudy? What drives a gust of wind? What is...

21 July 2017

Can the moon affect people's behaviour? Do you weigh less after you take a bath? Do gas heaters have any side-...

14 July 2017

Kicking off with a look at why coffee might make you live longer, Dr Chris and Eusebius answer more of your science...

11 July 2017

Why do our tummies rumble? Why are some people ticklish? Why do people grind their teeth?

30 June 2017

Could your weight affect how well your flu vaccine works? Is too much sparkling water bad for you? Why does head hair...

16 June 2017

Why do we speak in different accents? How did viruses arise? Why do our noses run?

02 June 2017

What causes IBS and what can we do about it? Are there some foods you shouldn't eat if your gallbladder's...

26 May 2017

How would you have sex in zero-gravity? Are eggs viable in space? What is cold fusion?