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22 November 2019

And if dogs have such a keen sense of smell, why the need to get so close to another dog's bum to sniff it?

15 November 2019

And is it true that joints hurt more in the cold?

08 November 2019

And why do some things smell appealing, but not others? Does engine oil have a best-before date? Can hiccups be life-...

01 November 2019

Does holding a car remote to your head really improve its range? And are mobile phone towers safe?

25 October 2019

And why do stars twinkle, and what's the reason my ear buds make me cough when I insert them?

22 October 2019

Is it ethical to grow a brain organoid in a dish? And what's a shooting star?

18 October 2019

Is brown sugar better for you? Why have only 28 days in February? Does diluting alcohol reduce the chances of getting...

10 October 2019

What will phenomics mean for medicine? And what is consciousness?

27 September 2019

What makes a brain creative? How do viruses, and the flu, evolve? And why does 2 degrees of global warming matter?

20 September 2019

The global climate strike, does blood letting benefit blood pressure, and why vaseline melts in the pan but not in the...

11 September 2019

Is flying a threat to glaucoma? Do blood groups affect diet? Is 5G harmful to my health?

06 September 2019

Chris Smith takes on your questions. Do wild animals snore? Does menthol make your breath colder? And more...

30 August 2019

How can you find natural water sources? Can stem cells repair eye conditions?

23 August 2019

Answering questions on body hair, nuclear disasters, and surviving a falling lift...

16 August 2019

From magnets, to chemotherapy, to getting sick from putting your car heater on...

06 August 2019

Why do men go bald starting on top? Can you really get TB of the spine? Chris Smith has the answers.

26 July 2019

From trees and climate change, to electric shocks from tracksuits... Chris Smith has the answers.

19 July 2019

How did the Moon form? And can my Tourette's make me speed?

12 July 2019

More answers from Chris Smith. What's the link between diabetes and amputation? What causes shingles?

05 July 2019

It's that time of the week... Chris Smith tackles your science questions!

03 July 2019

Why do flies exist? Could sound propel a spaceship? Why do humans have receptors for tetrahydrocannabinol in their...

28 June 2019

Why does crying make your voice shake? Why does my eyelid twitch sometimes?

26 June 2019

The giddying effects of booze, why some people always regard the glass as half full, and why did Chernobyl explode?

21 June 2019

How intense can deja-vu be? Why does gravity attract mass?