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24 April 2020

When it comes to coronavirus, are we at risk of a treatment worse than the disease? And what's the evidence that...

19 April 2020

Do control measures force viruses to evolve greater virulence?

10 April 2020

What other parts of the body can covid-19 infect? And how do new diseases emerge in the first place?

04 April 2020

Your questions answered, including what is in the planet's interior, and where do viruses come from in the first...

31 March 2020

Will ozone kill coronavirus? Should I wear a facemask? And how does menthol clear your nose?

20 March 2020

How does the immune system respond to SARS-CoV-2?

14 March 2020

How to slow down Covid-19, problem marine plastics, and does hot water freeze faster than cold water?

21 February 2020

How do mosquitoes track us down, what else do they eat, and why is the sky blue...

14 February 2020

Where do butterflies in the stomach come from, and how much magnesium do I need?

10 February 2020

Data on the emerging situation from China, and where this new virus originated...

07 February 2020

Do facemasks protect against viruses? And why can I hear my sonic pest repeller?

24 January 2020

Why do propellers seem to change speed? Why does men's hair recede? And news about the virus in China.

17 January 2020

What is ice nucleation? Is phlegm safe to swallow? And what's the ideal healthy human diet?

10 January 2020

Will a stroll benefit my waistline; do just humans get prostate cancer, and can bacteria digest plastic?

03 January 2020

How can you deal with eye floaters, and why do I see bright lights when I screw my eyes shut?

20 December 2019

How do roads get bumpy, and do elevated cisterns produced a better toilet flush?

13 December 2019

Which is more evil, virus or bacterium? Also, hot flushes and ketamine for depression...

09 December 2019

And why are mercury compounds added to vaccines at all...

29 November 2019

And did a burger on top of my normally vegetarian diet cause my belly ache?

22 November 2019

And if dogs have such a keen sense of smell, why the need to get so close to another dog's bum to sniff it?

15 November 2019

And is it true that joints hurt more in the cold?

08 November 2019

And why do some things smell appealing, but not others? Does engine oil have a best-before date? Can hiccups be life-...

01 November 2019

Does holding a car remote to your head really improve its range? And are mobile phone towers safe?

25 October 2019

And why do stars twinkle, and what's the reason my ear buds make me cough when I insert them?