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21 June 2019

How intense can deja-vu be? Why does gravity attract mass?

19 June 2019

What's the best position for sleeping? And why does fog rise from a lake surface on a cold morning? Dr Chris has...

14 June 2019

Chris Smith answers your questions. Why do bright lights trigger sneezes? How does a master-key work? And more

12 June 2019

What causes stomach butterflies, does fog really lift, and do skin creams stop the ageing process?

07 June 2019

Chris Smith takes on YOUR questions. Why do we blush? How do you lose a sense of smell? And more...

24 May 2019

Chris Smith answers YOUR questions... Does Vitamin-C cure a cold? Why do car wheels move in reverse in films?

17 May 2019

Why do chillies give me hiccups? What causes climate change? How efficient are batteries? And more...

03 May 2019

Why do scars last until old age? How old is moon dust?

26 April 2019

Does cannabis have healing effects? Can stem cells repair skin growths?

12 April 2019

Why do I get electric shocks from my car? How are flight routes planned?... Ask The Naked Scientists!

05 April 2019

Why do some people think the Earth is flat? Why are clouds different colours?

29 March 2019

How long do dreams last? Could we have wireless electricity? Why did the continents break apart?

22 March 2019

How do noise-cancelling headphones work? Can genes make you immune to HIV?

08 March 2019

Could electricity go wireless? How much calcium is in a cup of tea? Why can slime change colour with heat?

01 March 2019

Do aliens exist? Is breast milk "best"? How are buildings demolished?

22 February 2019

Why are hail stones different sizes? Why do my palms get sweaty? Why do animals moult?

15 February 2019

What's CERN all about? Why are my eyes red when I'm drunk? How does carbon capture work?

08 February 2019

Grabbing a lump of an asteroid, and what causes tip of the tongue experiences?

01 February 2019

Does marijuana help with cancer? Are we alone in the Universe?

25 January 2019

Why do we get butterflies in our stomachs? Does cold water make you wee more?

18 January 2019

Is the sky actually blue? Does petrol go off?

11 January 2019

What happens to the brain when we're sleeping? Is time travel possible?

04 January 2019

How do you predict the weather? Why don't zebras look dirty? How do they get the stripes into toothpaste?

21 December 2018

Why don't birds get electrocuted on an electric fence?