Monkey Island Discs: OJ Borg

Broadcaster OJ Borg tells us his favourite (and most hated!) games
02 April 2021
Presented by Chris Berrow
Production by Chris Berrow.


OJ Borg


This is a start of a new series called Monkey Island Discs… what a great name! We talk to someone about their gaming loves and hates… what character they would be… and if they are a console or PC player? The first ever guest is guardian of late nights, OJ Borg… you might have heard him on Radio 2’s overnight show… from midnight to 3am in the week, he's also a keen cyclist… and hosts a weekly roundup of an online cycling and running scheme for Zwift called World of Zwift. Plus he’s a massive fan of gaming! Chris Berrow started off asking about his earliest gaming memories…



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