2016: A Year in Science

The best science moments of 2016, from gravitational waves to farting fish...
03 January 2017
Presented by Georgia Mills
Production by Georgia Mills.


A fireworks display over Sydney Harbour


The Naked Scientists celebrate the dawn of 2017 with a look at their best bits from 2016, including: the science breakthrough of the year, how to use psychology to get a date and why it pays to look on the bright side.

In this episode

00:42 - The rhythm of the heart

Chris gets his ticker checked with an ECG.

The rhythm of the heart
with James Rudd, Addenbrooke's Hospital

Here’s an interview Chris Smith did back in June, when he put his ticker through its paces with an ECG, or electrocardiogram,” at Addenbrooke’s hospital.

Origally from the show Keeping Your Heart Healthy.

Domestic Tabby cat

06:23 - Kat vs cats

Kat takes on moggies in this mythconception...

Kat vs cats
with Kat Arney, The Naked Scientists

Every week we have a mythconception from Kat Arney, and the piece of dogma we loved most this year was about cats.


Originally from the show The A-Zika of Viruses: Preventing Pandemics

Birthday Candles

10:33 - Happy birthday to the Naked Scientists

The team celebrated their 15th birthday this year, but what happens in their newsroom?

Happy birthday to the Naked Scientists
with Connie, Georgia, Chris, The Naked Scientists

One poignant moment for The Naked Scientists this year was celebrating our 15th birthday! And we did so with a programme all about how science works. Here’s a sneak peek of what happens in our news room.

Originally from the programme Scrutinising Science.

Laser Interferometer Space Antenna

16:11 - 2016's biggest breakthrough?

When the discovery of gravitational waves hit the headlines.

2016's biggest breakthrough?
with Christopher Moore, Institute of Astronomy

We finally detected gravitational waves, and the announcement rocked 2016. But what did it all mean?

Content originally from the programmes Gravitational Waves: Discovery of the Decade?  and Caffeine: Friend or Foe?.

Graihagh's caffeinated adventure
with Alex Summers, Cambridge Botanic Gardens

Self-confessed coffee lover Graihagh Jackson found out about the science of brewing when she made Cambridgeshire’s first truly local cup of coffee…

Originally from the programme Caffeine: Friend or Foe?

The river Thames in London.

28:16 - Why shopping trolleys are good for fish

Why urban environments could be the future of conservation.

Why shopping trolleys are good for fish
with Nick Bertrand, Creekside Discovery Centr

One of the big issues of the year has been the ever-present threat to our planet’s biodiversity, but sometimes animals surprise you and thrive in unexpected places.

Originally from the programme Concrete Jungles.

Pair on a date in a coffeeshop.

Science chat-up lines
with Viren Swami, Anglia Ruskin University

Have you ever wondered if psychology could help you pick up a date? This year Georgia Mills found out there's only so much science can do.

Originally from the programme Rules of Attraction: The Science of Sex.

A goldfish

The big questions: do fish fart?
with Eleanor Drinkwater, Cambridge University

We didn't shy away from the big questions this year, like whether or not fish parp!

Originally from the programme Do Fish Fart?

Pigeon flying.

40:57 - Animal politics

How do animals choose their leaders?

Animal politics
with Isobel Watts, Oxford University and Marta Manser, The University of Zurich

2016 was certainly a year of political change, so Connie wanted to investigate how animals choose their leaders, and if we could learn any tips.

Originally from the programme The End of Night.

Laughing girl

47:42 - Always look on the bright side of life

Why laughing is good for your mind, body and soul.

Always look on the bright side of life
with Sophie Scott, UCL

2016 was, for some, a stressful year. But, as Graihagh Jackson found out, it can help to simply laugh about it.

Originally from the programme Stressed? You're Not the Only One.


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