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04 November 2022

Plus, birdsong proven to reduce anxiety and the new, cheaper carbon capture material...

01 November 2022

How scientists are using knowledge of the human body's circadian rhythms to better our health...

28 October 2022

Plus, New health study enlists 5 million Brits, and amphipods show signs of deep sea evolution...

25 October 2022

A trip around the circular economy, inspired by the SEEMONSTER installation at Weston-Super-Mare

21 October 2022

In the news, how much fishing line is sat at the bottom of our oceans, and can bacteria make tumours worse?

18 October 2022

Are reawakening, dormant viruses to blame? And what's the prognosis for the one person in twenty left feeling low...

14 October 2022

Plus, spotting dementia early and plastic eating worms...

07 October 2022

Plus the rest of this week's news...

04 October 2022

Chris and James take on the Trieste Next science festival, and find out about some of the research going on.

27 September 2022

How sweeteners could cause risk of cardiovascular disease, and a new antibiotic found in trees.

20 September 2022

How many calories are in a human brain? And what would happen if our planet stopped rotating?

13 September 2022

The institutionalised falsities that still plague scientific study today.

09 September 2022

And the rest of your weekly dose of science news and views...

02 September 2022

How the bugs living inside us could contribute towards our health and disease

02 September 2022

The Moderna vs Pfizer legal battle, why first impressions count and cancer risk in coffee drinkers explored

30 August 2022

How climate change will affect our future rainfall, and the technology that could help mitigate the effects.

26 August 2022

Breakthroughs in malaria vaccines, sewage in our coastal waters, and if we share genes with our doppelgangers

22 August 2022

Take a tour of our planets faster than the speed of light

19 August 2022

In the news this week, a leap forward in making kidney transplants more accessible

16 August 2022

Sitting idle while the health of our children deteriorates is a dangerous game...

12 August 2022

In the news, why medical experts are worried about polio again...

09 August 2022

Saving species from the brink and adding them into existing environments to alter ecosystems

05 August 2022

Is the Earth spinning faster? And what impact could removing date labels from produce have on food waste?