How does the brain respond to audiobooks?

16 July 2018
Presented by Isabelle Cochrane.

Tuomo asks, "Does your brain respond differently when you're listening to an audiobook compared to when you're reading a book? And does this affect how much information you can retain?". Isabelle Cochrane put this to Dr Matt Davis, Programme Leader in Hearing & Language at Cambridge's MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit...


Discussion about "audio books" ... stored in video. Video said "yes, your brain do respond", vow! :-)
And I espesially HATE the way the player is controlled. You click pause, but the video actually stops, and on clicking Play, playing from beginning. Seeking to specific minute - impossible. Welcome to last century again.

The controls for the player are at the screen bottom - if you pause a piece of audio and click the play button there, it will resume from where you paused. The seek works pretty well on the whole...

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