Is sourdough bread a healthy option?

Are there health benefits, or downsides, to the popular loaf?
21 December 2020
Presented by Eva Higginbotham
Production by Eva Higginbotham.


Sourdough bread


Mervyn got in touch to ask "Is sourdough bread a healthy option?" Eva Higginbotham put the question to dietician Rebecca McManamon...


Big fan of your shows, but a bit disapointed on this one.
Isn't sourdough bread actually the bread we have been eating for thousands of year? Pasteur identified the yeast we now use only some 120 years ago (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)
It seems to me there is bacteria as well as yeasts in there.
Also I heard about research suggesting it could be better for gluten intolerant people (celiac and others).
which would not be so surprising since this was the daily bread we used for so long.
Would have loved to hear more on this...

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