2021 BAFTA Games Awards: Nominations

Who has been nominated for the 2021 BAFTA Games Awards?
20 March 2021

Interview with 

Alex Rhodes, Naked Gaming Podcast


A first place trophy.


Alex Rhodes has a roundup of the nominations for the 2021 BAFTA Games Awards.

Alex - It’s been another record breaking year… because twice in a row I’m not being paid to do this. Oh, and also because The Last of Us Part 2, set in the middle of a viral pandemic that has devastated mankind… *ahem*, has 13 BAFTA nominations… including a new Game of the Year category, voted for by the public.

It's the most nominations any game has ever received in the awards' history, beating last year's record of 11… which was held jointly by one of our favourite games… Control... and the crazy walking simulator Death Stranding. How many will The Last of Us Part II win? Find out next month... in Alex Rhodes’ BAFTA Games Awards: Part 2


Ghost of Tsushima, a game where you hack and slash bad guys as a samurai warrior, also received 10 nominations. Well done to them.


Unlike last year, there aren’t really any cool and interesting independent games on the list… in fact it's almost entirely made up of blockbuster Playstation exclusives like Spider Man: Miles Morales and the awkwardly titled Final Fantasy VII Remake. So the real winners are Playstation’s accountants.


Hades and Fall Guys have been nominated for BAFTAs as well, in fact they are two of our  favourite games… I wonder if the judging panel have been listening to the Naked Gaming Podcast? Probably for my amazing hosting skills.

The awards will be announced in a 90-minute online stream hosted by someone else... *sigh*, join me on next month’s podcast, for my BAFTA Analysis Roundup Special Extravaganza.


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