BAFTA Gaming Awards 2019 roundup

Who were the big winners and losers of the BAFTA Gaming Awards 2019?
03 June 2019


A first place trophy.


Alex Rhodes has a roundup of the gaming BAFTA awards.

Alex - First of all walking away with the top prize at the 15th annual BAFTA Game Awards was God of War. The latest installment in the action adventure blockbuster franchise from Sony stars an older more grizzled toss and his fresh faced son Atreus.

Voiceover - We do not fight because the world makes us fight. We fight for a greater purpose. We forge into the unknown. To fulfill the promise we made. No matter the darkness. Nothing will stand in our way.

Alex - Not a bad year for Greek mythology Assassin's Creed was also one of those nominated in the category. Prince Harry isn't a fan but almost every 13 year old on planet Earth is fortnite one of the biggest games in the industry today walked away with the award for best evolving game. It was originally released in 2017 so it wasn't eligible for some of the other categories.

Voiceover - There are 100 tiers over 100 awards to earn including new wraps, emotes and more. Remember you keep all your rewards after the season ends. New in this season to all players is the party assist feature before a match. You can pick a daily or weekly challenge and your friends can help you completed. The season a battle passes available right now for just nine hundred and fifty V bucks. A new adventure awaits in Season 8. We'll see you in game.

Alex - Back in my day 13 year olds were all playing RuneScape so it's great to see old school RuneScape and friends of the show Jagex taking this top spot in the mobile game category. Mining copper has never been so fun.

Voiceover - So come join hundreds of thousands of players and relive your heritage. Slay all the dragons. Complete all the quests. And reclaim the wilderness as your own. Old School RuneScape. Relive your adventures.

Alex - And shockingly the big loser of the night was Red Dead Redemption. The latest mega hit from Rockstar was nominated in six... six! categories but didn't manage to scoop the gold in any of them.

Voiceover - I wish things were different. But it weren’t us who changed.


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