Retro Revival - Resident Evil 2

Can the remake of Resident Evil 2 live up to the hype?
02 June 2019


A group of retro game characters including Space Invaders


Chris Berrow & Alex Rhodes review the remastered version of Resident Evil.

Voiceover - Attention. All. Citizens and don't make my mistake. If you see one of those things uniform or not. You do not hesitate. Whatever it takes to save this city. I'm surprised you made it this far. I. Need it for my extraction. Survival is your responsibility. God dammit.

Chris - It's very very different game this Alex. I'll tell you what it's it's nothing like the original tank controls and the fixed camera. It's nothing like the original have gone. Classic Resident Evil forward their secret over the shoulder third person shooter game play and I tell you what it's really really good. I mean if you played Rezi for this is this is basically the same game the same kind of incredible graphics is awesome.

Alex - Well it couldn't. In a way that it was. I didn't have high hopes for this really because they've kind of the Resident Evil to is so beloved. But at the same time can you go back to the early Resident Evil games once you've had a Resident Evil 4 which really just sort of changed changed the whole series really.

Chris - Yeah it's an interesting concept it's interesting that they've bothered to do it it's very very expensive by the way I will just say that I think it was something like 70 quid when I got hold this. So. Right. So a lot of money like you said big investment. I'm not a massive fund that headshots don't seem to count. I know I've mentioned that already. You know that if zombies the head you want them to go down but not in this game.

Alex - I guess that's that's kind of that kind of classic survival horror saw the apple it kind of counts. You've just got enough resources to scrape through. That's what I remember about the original.

Chris - Yes the second run actually is really worth doing because in the first run if you're playing as on for example you'll go into a garage and you go through a door and you know it's all very atmospheric and you get the hang of the over the shoulder thing in the second run through you kind of go through a different door as if you were coming to the scene after the first play three. So it's quite clever kind of reasons to play through the game again and you get the actual ending if you play through the second time.

Alex - Right yeah. Yeah the proper one. Yeah yeah. Which was a noise because you think why do you give the ending the first time. But I think that's how you got replay ability back in the old days when they didn't get these 10 hour campaigns.

Chris - It's true quite expensive like I say but if you're a fan of survival horror and Resident Evil 4. This is just like another really good Resident Evil 4 is getting an 8 out of 10 from me. You can get everywhere PS4, PC for Xbox One.


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