Brexit Simulator

Can our reporter Alex Rhodes get Brixit Simulator to run on his PC? (No)
21 February 2020

Interview with 

Alex Rhodes, Naked Gaming Podcast


EU flag


Chris Berrow - Now it’s our new feature our Simulator of the Month…

Leigh Milner - Last time round we heard Alex Rhodes reviewing Ski Champion on a ski lift in the Alps


Chris - He’s starting off the simulator train with a game that’s being billed as Brexit Simulator


Leigh - Brexit Simulator?

Chris - It’s called Not Tonight… would you like to read the synopsis…

Leigh - "In an alternative Britain where Brexit talks have collapsed, an extreme far-right government has taken power. Citizens of European heritage have been rounded up and exiled. Forced out of your previous life, you find yourself in the midst of a booming gig economy, fighting to scrape by and return to the city you call home."

Chris - They released the Switch version on 31st January… on the day the UK left the EU...

Leigh - Wow

Chris - So we sent our Brexit correspondent... Alex Rhodes to investigate


Leigh - Thanks Alex

Not Tonight… or Brexit Simulator is available now on PC and Nintendo Switch for around £20.

But he didn’t get to play that…

So Dream Daddy is also available…

Chris - I did actually manage to play Not Tonight… or Brexit Simulator after some protracted negotiations… and you play as a bouncer… it’s basically check people’s tickets and let them into the pub simulator…

Apparently there’s an overarching story but it’s definitely one to avoid.


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