Love is in the air, especially when it comes to new games!
21 February 2020
Presented by Chris Berrow, Leigh Milner
Production by Chris Berrow.


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An artisan podcast, created with love and affection by Leigh Milner and Chris Berrow (who are off to get married right after this episode). This month, we celebrate Valentine's Day by playing Street Fighter V Champion Edition (released on the big day). The new Sonic The Hedgehog film also came out, so what do people think? Alex Rhodes tried to negotiate a deal with the company behind Brexit Simulator and fails abysmally. And in conjunction with the Rugby World Cup, who will win in the rematch of Rugby 20?

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03:02 - New streaming service: Caffeine

A new service to rival Twitch and Mixer has launched, but will it beat off the competition?

New streaming service: Caffeine
Leigh Milner & Chris Berrow, Naked Gaming Podcast

Chris Berrow - You’re probably aware of Twitch or Mixer, where people can stream games to a live audience usually hundreds or thousands of people…

You can also live - stream your games on YouTube…

And now there’s another contender…

Welcome to… Caffeine!

Leigh has been taking a look at this for us…

So what’s new?

Leigh Milner - Drake, the multi-platinum musician and international hip-hop superstar, has entered into an exclusive deal with streaming site Caffeine.

Caffeine is similar to game streaming platforms like Twitch and Mixer, but Caffeine hasn’t been home to the kind of high-view streamers of those services, who often stream every day for hours on end. Instead, Caffeine has largely focused on partnering with high-profile celebrities

Caffeine focuses on in-app purchases and a focus on original series.

The main focus of the deal will be a new Rap Battle show that Drake will co-produce with Ultimate Rap League (URL), a platform focused on the battle rap genre. While there are few details in the release about the upcoming show it’s probably fair to assume it will include rap battles of some kind.

Chris - Is it going to work? Would you watch Caffeine if Drake was doing a rap battle with someone?

Lrigh - Yeah they need big time guests though like Eminem. I would watch that. 

Chris - So Caffeine is already live…

Leigh - We’ll see if it takes off.

A bauble on a Christmas tree

06:15 - Anthem still has Christmas decorations up!

When is it too late to take your Christmas decorations down? February...

Anthem still has Christmas decorations up!
Leigh Milner & Chris Berrow, Naked Gaming Podcast

Chris Berrow - Has anyone still got their Christmas decorations up?

Leigh Milner - I like them to be down by early January…

Chris - You mean you like me to get them down in early January! I always have to saw up the Christmas tree and take it to the dump!

Leigh - Well not everyone has taken down their Christmas decorations...

Chris - What? Isn’t that really bad luck…

Leigh - Well this game can’t really get any more bad luck… when Anthem was released, reviews weren’t brilliant - even though you loved it

Chris - Yeah I thought it was brilliant…

Leigh - Well people who downloaded the most recent update to Anthem in early February were surprised to see that the Christmas decorations in the main base area near all your javelin suits… were still up!

Chris - Well I suppose it’s festive…

Leigh - Bioware who developed the game said in a recent blog post that big changes are coming:

Over the coming months we will be focusing on a longer-term redesign of the experience, specifically working to reinvent the core gameplay loop with clear goals, motivating challenges and progression with meaningful rewards -- while preserving the fun of flying and fighting in a vast science-fantasy setting

Chris - Fingers crossed!

Nintendo Switch

07:56 - Children in Need for gaming and accessibility

Hear about GameBlast and how money can help people with accessible controllers.

Children in Need for gaming and accessibility
Mark Sommerville, SpecialEffect

Leigh Milner - There’s a huge event taking place right now from 21st - 23rd February… and it’s called GameBlast...

In fact Doug Cockle… the voice of the Witcher, who featured in last month’s episode… is there at the moment as part of the event.

So what is GameBlast?

It’s a gaming marathon that raises money for the charity… SpecialEffect.

Chris Berrow - I’ve been catching up with Mark Saville from SpecialEffect about the event...

Mark - Every single disability is different. If you look at somebody who's got say cerebral palsy, that will present itself differently in every single case. So, so what we do, we have specialists, therapists here and uh, we have fans and we go out across the UK to see people in their own homes. If they can't travel to us and we ask them what sort of games they want to play and what sort of movements they've got, abilities they've got. And we match the two. We mix, we match remodify technology, existing technology and create sort of setups, sometimes simple, sometimes complex that makes the best use of all the abilities they've got. Now, you know, for example, we might have somebody has come back from a theater of war missing a few fingers and they just love playing Call of Duty. So well and it we'll try and set up something for them, which utilizes to say, you know, head movement or shoulder or something else. So voice controls or all those all together, you know, in, in some way so they can get playing. Again, the opposite end of that I suppose it's the people say with muscular dystrophy we're seeing or spinal injuries who only have maybe a bit of head movement or even just eye movement. And then we, you know, we're working with, you know, quite specialist technology to let them play at least some of what they want to play.

Chris - Now tell us about this event. So GameBlast then starting today, 21st to 23rd of February and a huge event, obviously raising money towards SpecialEffect. So how new is GameBlast and what's involved in that?

Mark It's kind of like the Children in need for gamers. Uh, Ahat we do is every February we put aside a weekend and we say to gamers in the UK and actually across the world and say to the companies, look, uh, take a weekend aside, play games, have fun, uh, and raise money for us. And that can be sort of through say, gaming marathons, sponsored game marathons or you know, board gaming or people do gaming for, you can bake sales. We've actually got somebody skydiving for us this week, which is absolutely fantastic. It's been going since uh, 2014 now. And it's just, it's, it's wonderful on so many levels because you know, first of all, you know, it raises so much money for us desperately needed money because we don't charge for any of our help. So you know, every penny counts. But also it's, it's, we feel like, you know, we're talking to friends, gamers get what we're doing, really get what we're about and it's, it's great to know that they've got our back, especially on that weekend. It's, it's such a lovely, lovely weekend for us. 

Leigh - Thanks to Mark Saville from SpecialEffect, and GameBlast is running until 23rd February, but if you’re listening to this episode after it’s happened, you can find out more from

Chris - Microsoft have developed an accessible controller to help gamers who struggle with the standard Xbox controller…

Leigh - There isn’t really much provision for gamers who need additional support to play their favourite games.

Chris - I’ve been speaking to Rory Steel - he’s a dad who has a bit of technological knowledge, and he used Microsoft’s accessible controller… and adapted it with extra buttons… so that his son Corben and daughter Ava can play their favourite games!

One of the videos of his daughter Ava reacting to version 1 of the controller he built has nearly 3 million views on Twitter


So how did Rory go about making his own accessible controller?

Rory - I'd always been a gamer and even when the Switch first came out I was, I was coming an hour and an hour getting it, but a Zelda was really the only game I wanted so it was a bit tough to make that call. And then this Christmas, my daughter kind of, she, she's a big fan of Dan TDM, a YouTuber and he does a lot of switch stuff and uh, she said, can I have the Switch? And my arm was already kind of three quarters bent anyway. Um, and I said, yeah, let's go for it. Cause I knew that a Mario car, you could just use the controller from side to side from left to right, a bit like the we, um, from back in the day. And so I thought, yeah, we'll get that. It's accessible. 

And there was a sneaky package for myself as Zelda said, I could play it at night. And um, I accidentally left it on, uh, as you do playing late at night. And my son saw it in the morning and he just wanted to play it. And uh, that's when I went, Oh, okay, this is, this is going to be complicated because you know, the controllers are quite difficult and I know that dexterity cause that the same condition then wouldn't, wouldn't work. So, um, I knew I'd seen the Xbox at that, the controller was around and I'd done some cursory looks to see if it was compatible. And with a tiny little few adaptations, you can make it adaptive for the PlayStation and the Switch and a few others, I think. Um, so I said, right, I'll give that a go and got the adaptive controller, did a little bit research, saw that the buttons were, you know, that you could buy off the shelf where we're at, whether they're, um, but, uh, you know, being a bit of a tight Scotsman in the back of my heritage, um, I thought, I know I can do this for cheaper.

I was a math teacher for many years, then I moved to it just over a decade ago. Um, and recently I've, I work a Digital Jersey, a local, uh, kind of, uh, arms of government organization that tries to promote, um, digital skills. So it was kind of one of those things that, you know, got practice what I preach and say, well, let's show people that it is within their grasp. So they're a little bit of research and the most difficult part was working out, which would be compatible, cheaper arcade buttons I had is quite a few on the market for Raspberry Pies and, and vice versa. But I managed to find one that suggested that it was compatible with Microsoft. So I thought that's probably my best bet. Um, had a few other bits and bobs and uh, just kind of gave it a go. And the practice, the proof's in the pudding with the, uh, with the controller. 

Chris - Thanks to Rory Steele, and you can see his daughter Ava in action on YouTube - just search for AvaOMGCraft

Football players inside a see-through football

15:50 - Online FIFA coaching: does it work?

Would you pay someone to improve your FIFA skills?

Online FIFA coaching: does it work?
Georg Raffelt, BPart Gaming

Chris Berrow - You can now get FIFA lessons online to improve your football skills!

BPart Gaming offer this service online from Germany… so I spoke to Georg Raffelt who runs the business...

Georg - We started about seven years ago, like in 2013. Um, but back then we did it ourselves. Like we were good players at FIFA and we like figured that, you know, we could teach, uh, other people our skills and help them out and maybe earn a little something on the side. What did people say to you when they come to the company.

Chris - And if they say, I want to get better at FIFA? Like what are they specifically looking to improve? Is it they like their defense, their speed, pressing the buttons?

Georg - Definitely one of the biggest weaknesses that that many people have. Um, I would say most of the people who come just feel stuck. There's like so much content out there. You could go ahead and ask yourself like, why book a coaching with a private coach if you have all this free content available on YouTube, right? There is so many tutorials, so many good advice. Um, but the problem is that even from watching the videos and getting some, some clear instructions what to do in certain scenarios, people don't realize their own mistakes or they tried to implement, let's say a certain school move or a defending technique, but they miss out on a crucial point and still do a mistake there. But they, they're not able to reflect on that and like to, to analyze it themselves. And that's where the coaching really comes in. Where like the coach has, has a different, uh, view on the, on the game player from guys. So then he can go ahead analyze a certain crucial mistake and break the deadlock basically and, and help the guy really understand how FIFA is played and which mechanics are important and what kind of situation.

Chris - And the coaches themselves have to presumably have a lot of experience at playing FIFA and to be able to demonstrate that they have a certain level of expertise. Because, you know, you must kind of be able to say, well actually we have people who are, you know, in the top 100 players online or something. There must be some kind of way of quantifying how good your coaches are.

Georg - Yeah, for sure. Um, there's something called the weekend league, which is implemented in FIFA since four years now. I think it started with, uh, FIFA 17. Um, and that's basically a competition which every player can play in games. So it's available for, for everyone. You don't have to register on a certain side or something. That's why it really took competitive FIFA. And I'm kind of, um, putting your skill on a scale to the next level for FIFA. And there you play 30 games a weekend and then how many, uh, winds you get determines which rank you get. And then we have, um, a certain rank, which is, um, required for our coaching. And then also our coaching is, um, divided into three tiers. So there's like basic tier, advanced tier and the elite tier. And um, the skill level also differs in each tier.


20:38 - Review: Rugby 20

Now that the final version of Rugby 20 has been released, is it any good?

Review: Rugby 20

Chris Berrow - Last time we played the Beta version of this game… Leigh won the Rugby World Cup


Gracious in victory…

Leigh Milner - Yes

Chris - This time round… I wanted revenge… and as Rugby 20 has been released in conjunction with the 6 Nations… it’s truly a grudge match... who will be the champion? Here we go...

Why is it auto selected? Italy for me does this, where does it want me to lose? I'm playing as your profile on the PlayStation. So if I lose and technically you lose just saying anywhere here you, England, you use the right analog stick to confound the defense is the different way. What's our again? Right and look, stick. Got the referee. Sounds like an idiot. There's no side mate. It's Leon that well known for um, skill. Oh, hello?


He kicked it out. Neil. Neil, 30 minutes in. Come on. Oh, you're going to do it as well. Aren't you going to do it as well? A bit nervous and it's sweaty. Oh, I've just given it away to you in the air. Just gave it away to you, but I've got to try. I just passed it into your hands. Great. It's going well so far. It's got five nil. Okay. Okay. Okay. To England. Which is better than they're doing the six nations. Nobody does. Right. Then here we go. I think Kearney margin for this. Well, it's not going well. Is it 10 mill to England so far? Why is this like a horrible flashback? Come on. Why do I all too familiar?

Yes, go on. Let's see. You can get the conversion here. No, not quite. Quite quite, quite wise. It's nice. 15 no mate, I don't, I think, yeah. Should call it a day. I'm enjoying this now. Game. Yeah.


Unbelievable scenes. Can I just say also Italy scoring a try is good. Did you like, did you like this? Look at the faster here. Look at that. Oh it number 13 Oh, your little jump at the end. Even high score scoring all and I didn't really care. I'm just happy. I'm just happy to play to be honest. Oh. Oh, that was good. It's good. Try good try. How long is left to go? You stay in the game. 15-10 to you, England, but I'm just pleased that Italy scored a try. How did I jump over your tackles? Right. And I get this conversion now just for glory, just for glory. Oh, it's gone badly. Wrong again, come badly wrong again.

Legh - Swing low. Sweet cherry. Uh, Chris is never gonna win.

Chris - Can I just say if you remember, I'm logged in as your profile. So technically you lost a fine well-played. Okay. So it wasn't the best performance that I've ever had, but I just like to say I was Italy. 

-was it better than the version we played last year?


Leigh - Yes. 

Chris - Rugby 20 is out now… on PS4, Xbox and PC for £50.

Street Fighter figurines

26:02 - Review: Street Fighter V Champion Edition

Is playing Street Fighter V the best way to spend Valentine's Day?

Review: Street Fighter V Champion Edition
Leigh Milner & Chris Berrow, Naked Gaming Podcast

Leigh Milner - Street Fighter V the “Champion Edition” was released on Valentine’s day… what a romantic way to spend an evening!

Although the game originally came out in 2016, this new version has more characters, outfits… and more fighting goodness

Chris Berrow - Well anyway, I'm a lover, not a fighter. So as a health warning... I didn't read it. Three rounds, 60 seconds. Let's do this. How long has it taken us to get to this point that you just can't work out? You don't read the instructions, so it's very difficult to fight. I know. Shiny. What stage? Let's go with like the first one. I just go. Always forgotten. Okay. With sheep. With the sheep there. Oh, do they have like the old characters? This guy Dalsim. Whoa. Look at me because I'm prominent, shall we say? I'm going to go well Zangief. Oh, I remember Zangief. Whoa. He's scary. Let's get ready. Three rounds. Who is the champion? He's very good. I'm going to kick your HIAs. Wow. IThat's pretty disgusting actually. Come on guys. Floating in. Look at his long legs. Remember this guy? Oh, he was so good.

Leigh - Oh, hello? Oh, you're on fire, mate. I can't remember anything about that. She took it. I haven't. Oh look guys. Kicking butt. That's ugly. Oh, grab grubby so bad at this game. Money. So speak for yourself. Yes. Kao won nails. He got, he went a bit, he's had a bit of like high blood pressure. He looked like Metapod big gee, if I win this weight, what earth are you doing there? Oh, what do I do then that was getting good. Getting a good few hits in there is like two of the worst amateurs of all time. Tried to do a game chase character. My rubbish on change character. You have to get some muscle man. Never go from muscle man. Believe me, I'm shooting with these long arms. I though, Oh, come on. It's the closest I've ever been. Oh, look at that. There's the picture because the picture that I want to chase character mind for rubbish. Oh, I'm player two wins.

Chris - Street Fighter V the Champion Edition is available now on PS four and PC for about 20 quid on top of the original game for PC. It's 35 pounds of PlayStation and I would recommend it because I absolutely destroyed you...

Leigh - ...and I wouldn't because it's not the same game!

A sign displaying Pokemon characters.

Review: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue TeamDX
Leigh Milner & Chris Berrow, Naked Gaming Podcast

Chris Berrow -There's a new Pokemon game coming!

Well sort of… it’s called Pokemon Mystery Dungeon… a reimagining of the spinoff series that first started in 2005…

Leigh - This particular re-release is called Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX… a remake of Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team combined.


Chris In this game… The player assumes the role of a Pokémon that was transformed from a human, found by the player's Pokémon partner in the start of the game. Before the game starts, the player will need to go through a personality test; this will decide which Pokémon the player is in the game

Who better to review the demo that’s now available… than the world’s biggest Pokemon fan… Leigh Milner…

How was it?

Leigh - Well, it basically cuts out the best bit. What do you play Pokemon for? Catching the Pokemon and getting the battles right. You don't catch Pokemon... so far, right? So far that I've played. And when it comes to the battles, you just press a button and defeat them, but you don't have a proper, so it doesn't stop the game and kind of say "Charmander fires some fire at somebody and then they die". So it's in real time. And you just wandering about. It's kind of like Pokemon, but it's not. So just basically pay Pokemon Sword and Shield instead. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is coming to the Nintendo Switch next month on the 6th of March at 45 pounds.

A group of retro game characters including Space Invaders

Retro Revival: Warcraft III
Leigh Milner & Chris Berrow, Naked Gaming Podcast

Chris Berrow - I used to play this as a kid...

It was amazing…

It’s a strategy game, a bit like Rome Total War, or Starcraft…

So when Blizzard announced it was coming back bigger and better than ever, I was pretty excited…


But it’s rubbish… so many complaints

“Worst remaster in the history of remasters.”

“Blizzard has a paragraph in the user agreement for this game that they have exclusive rights to any custom game which is made in this game. Just unbelievably **** from one of the companies who used to be my #1 by miles. This game does not deliver on what it promises and I am not even going to start on the price (40$) on what is essentially a HD mod.”
-Encore 22

-I'd rather have paid to prevent them from releasing this. You can no longer play using the old client, and even the menus run like **** on the new one. Disgusting.

It has a rating of 0.5 on Metacritic...

Leigh Milner - What's your rating out of 10?

Chris - 0.05

Warcraft III is available now on PC for £25, but maybe wait until a patch.

Sonic the hedgehog

Retro Revival: Sonic The Hedgehog the film
Rhiannon Bevan, Game Luster & Ben Fryer, BBC Essex

Chris Berrow - Now this counts as retro revival for us… Sonic The Hedgehog the film…


Starring Jim Carrey as Dr Robotnik… when the first trailers were initially released people complained about how Sonic looked…

Leigh Milner - It was a bit weird...

Let's hear from Rhiannon Bevan who writes for Game Luster and loves films


Interesting, let's hear from Ben Fryer from the BBC in Essex who also went along to watch…


Leigh - Sonic The Hedgehog is in cinemas now… but it might be one to speed away from!

EU flag

41:09 - Brexit Simulator

Can our reporter Alex Rhodes get Brixit Simulator to run on his PC? (No)

Brexit Simulator
Alex Rhodes, Naked Gaming Podcast

Chris Berrow - Now it’s our new feature our Simulator of the Month…

Leigh Milner - Last time round we heard Alex Rhodes reviewing Ski Champion on a ski lift in the Alps


Chris - He’s starting off the simulator train with a game that’s being billed as Brexit Simulator


Leigh - Brexit Simulator?

Chris - It’s called Not Tonight… would you like to read the synopsis…

Leigh - "In an alternative Britain where Brexit talks have collapsed, an extreme far-right government has taken power. Citizens of European heritage have been rounded up and exiled. Forced out of your previous life, you find yourself in the midst of a booming gig economy, fighting to scrape by and return to the city you call home."

Chris - They released the Switch version on 31st January… on the day the UK left the EU...

Leigh - Wow

Chris - So we sent our Brexit correspondent... Alex Rhodes to investigate


Leigh - Thanks Alex

Not Tonight… or Brexit Simulator is available now on PC and Nintendo Switch for around £20.

But he didn’t get to play that…

So Dream Daddy is also available…

Chris - I did actually manage to play Not Tonight… or Brexit Simulator after some protracted negotiations… and you play as a bouncer… it’s basically check people’s tickets and let them into the pub simulator…

Apparently there’s an overarching story but it’s definitely one to avoid.


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