Building a PC - will it turn on?

Will the computer we built from scratch actually work?
13 March 2018

Interview with 

Nick Batterham - Cambridge University


Naked Scientist Katie Haylor took on the challenge of building a desktop PC with the help of Nick Batterham from Cambridge University's Department of Computer Science and Technology. Question is, will it actually turn on?

Nick - We’ll plug in the power. And then, of course, we’ll need a keyboard and a mouse.

Katie - Can I do the honours?

Nick - Sure.

Katie - I’ve found the “on” switch. I think I know what to do with this…

Nick - There’s the power switch and then there’s another switch on the front…

Katie - Hey... The monitors just come on. The whirring noise, that’s the disks moving round. And then the clicking noise, those are the arms moving across reading the disk.

So we did it?

Nick - I think so.

Katie - Ta da!


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