Fertility reflections

What should we bear in mind, when considering our own fertility?
24 July 2018

Interview with 

Sarah Smith, GP


Katie Haylor asked GP Sarah Smith what advice she would give to people thinking about thier fertility...

Sarah- I think once you’re over the age of 25 your fertility does start to decline, and once you’re over 35 it declines even more quickly, so I think don’t leave it too late. Do if you’re having problems come along and see us and talk about it. We can refer you. You can have tests done. I did read one statistic of ladies who are married over the age of 40, 4 in 10 will get pregnant but 6 out of 10 can have problems, so leave it too late and do think about all your options. Stay safe, have safe sex, and just a healthy lifestyle to maximise your fertility.


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