Gaming in isolation: how to get through Covid-19 with the help of games

How can games help you through self-isolation?
21 March 2020

Interview with 

Rhianon Bevan, Naked Gaming Podcast


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Chris Berrow - Rhiannan Bevan who reviewed Sonic the Hedgehog the film for us last month has gone into isolation. That's what you do if you get any of those symptoms, you know maybe a temperature or a bit of a cough or whatever. So what games is she planning on playing in isolation?

Rhiannon Bevan - So like many of you, I'm now officially self isolating after waking up with a sore throat and this croaky voice I have now as grim as that is at least it gives us chance to catch up on the mountains of gains. We have uncompleted myself. I just started night in the woods and the switch, it's a nice little Lindy title about the awkward stage in between not being a teenager anymore but not quite feeling like an adult. It's very story heavy and very relatable as a 20 something. It also mainly just consists of walking for a town and talking to people so it's very easy to play while you're in bed coughing your lungs up. The next one on my list after night in the woods will be final fantasy seven for the PS one I content heavy. RPG is perfect for self isolation really, and it will prepare me for the upcoming remake on the pants for next month if that still gets released, clocking in at about 40 hours long too. Hopefully that will make the week fly by. So of all of that, and not to mention the new releases like do maternal and animal crossing new horizons, the gaming industry might just be the only industry that comes out of this pandemic. All right, we will have enough free time now. 


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