2020 BAFTA Games Awards: The Nominations

Here's a roundup of the BAFTA Games Award nominations for 2020
21 March 2020

Interview with 

Alex Rhodes, BAFTA buff


A first place trophy.


Leigh Milner - Here's Alex Rhodes with a roundup of the gaming BAFTAs this year:

Alex - Let’s start with the most bonkers game of them all - Death Stranding.

This weird walking simulator stars Norman Reedus off of the Walking Dead.

Sometimes black ink comes out of nowhere and your character is also attacked by invisible monsters.

The madness is obviously appreciated… as it has 11 nominations, which is the most in Gaming Bafta history… but it isn’t nominated in the best game category

BAFTA also announced that Hideo Kojima - the creator of Death Stranding - will receive the Fellowship, the highest accolade it can give.


Also with a record-breaking 11 nominations is a game called Control…

You play as Jesse, and she has supernatural powers - she can fly and use telekenesis to throw massive rocks at enemies… and presumably take out the bins…


Control passed under the radar for many… except for this podcast obviously


Well done us.

And finally one more to mention… Untitled Goose Game, which has 4 nominations including best game!

You rampage around a small town as a goose… annoying the residents and stealing various items… including glasses and a bra.

We’ll have the results for you next month… I’m off to play my favourite… Animal Crossing New Horizons…


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