Interviews about History

Interviews on archaeology, anthropology, palaeoanthropology and the history of science...

23 April 2019

Do the lumps and bumps on your head mean anything? Sophie Goggins busts the myths of Phrenology.

19 February 2019

Where did the periodic table come from? And how does it work?

05 February 2019

How the environment has made us the way we are...

22 January 2019

How important were scientific illustrations?

23 December 2018

What makes cracker jokes so awful?

11 December 2018

Will we get to Mars? Plus the time travelling space telescope, James Webb.

11 December 2018

How important is the International Space Station?

11 December 2018

What did Voyager find? And how has this mission been turned into music?

27 November 2018

A trip to the dentist a few hundred years ago was very different...

14 November 2018

Do men favour men and women favour women when they peer review each other's work?

29 October 2018

Where does dancing come from?

29 October 2018

What makes someone a good looking dancer?

16 October 2018

What's the point of investigating the Neolithic?

16 October 2018

How did the Neolithic invent farming?

16 October 2018

What would village life have been like 10 000 years ago?

16 October 2018

How realistic was Indiana Jones?

16 October 2018

Getting to know the neolithic...

16 October 2018

What did the neolithic do with their animal bones?

16 October 2018

How the neolithic were masters at wielding the mystical 'dragonglass'.

25 September 2018

The mysterious fossils called Dickinsonia may have been revealed to be our early ancestors...

25 September 2018

The Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 was one of the deadliest disease outbreaks in human history

04 September 2018

When scientists redo studies they aren't getting the same results...

28 August 2018

A jaunt with Claire Bryant, who tells the team about ancient mariner traditions and cutting edge bacteria research...

14 August 2018

Can an archaeological dig help to treat PTSD?