Interviews about History

Interviews on archaeology, anthropology, palaeoanthropology and the history of science...

30 November 2015

What is general relativity, and how did Einstein end up as the first scientist celebrity?

30 November 2015

What really killed the dinosaurs? Research this week has poured cold water on one of the leading theories...

20 November 2015

Can you tell if you're looking at an authentic website? Fraudsters have been stealing web addresses of journals to...

20 November 2015

After two years of sugar tax, the Mexican government canned it. But the UK is considering it... How effective would it...

17 November 2015

Water on the earth is easy to spot but there is also a lot beneath the surface and some of this is very very old.

09 November 2015

This week scientists have picked apart the qualities needed to make a good leader in both humans and the animal...

27 October 2015

Human space travel is dangerous and expensive but its ability to inspire justifies the costs...

27 October 2015

What did the moon landings teach us about why humans go to space?

19 October 2015

How would society function on a small, dangerous planet over 30 million miles away from Earth?

13 October 2015

DNA analysis from 4,500 year old remains sheds light on how ancient humans migrated out of Africa, and then back in...

13 October 2015

Is winning the Nobel Prize everything its cracked up to be?

12 October 2015

Without gravity, things get interesting (especially when it comes to showering!) as NASA astronaut Stanley G. Love...

11 October 2015

A study led by researchers at the University of Oxford shows that there’s been extensive immigration into and around...

06 October 2015

With so many people applying, how does NASA choose its astronauts?

21 September 2015

Dogs and their owners are being recruited as citizen scientists.

14 September 2015

The discovery of a new species of human ancestor, called Homo naledi, has been unveiled by scientists in South Africa...

07 September 2015

Students go in search of microrganisms to find out which species grow on what buildings - research that has never been...

07 September 2015

Despite the media storm, evidence suggests there may not be a shortage of STEM scientists, so why does the debate...

07 September 2015

Aged 10, Amy published her school project in a scientific journal and it changed her entire life...

02 September 2015

For most, science is defined by textbook assignments, but this is set to change. Will 15-year olds soon be publishing...

25 August 2015

Beyond Neptune lies the Kuiper belt, an area of space which is proving very tricky to study...

25 August 2015

Should our time and money be going towards projects that are closer to home?

24 August 2015

Symmetry in faces is often linked with attractiveness, but why is this the case?

24 August 2015

Symmetry underpins much of modern physics and maths but what exactly is it?