Reflecting back - stop and think

10 December 2019

Interview with 

Lawrence Jones


A skier stands on a frosty ski slope.


Twenty years after Lawrence Jones survived an avalanche, he still goes skiing with his family every year. Here he is one more time reflecting on what the experience has taught him...

Lawrence - It does scare me with the ease that people go off-piste and the casual way it's approached. We as human beings, we like to plan things, don't we? And we'll say, "well we'll do this on this day, and this day on that day." That's probably not the best way of doing it. And when not to go is a really, really important thing to consider. People should stop and think, and take a responsible look at their own ability, and don't feel that you need to do anything under peer pressure.

Listen to the full version of the story on the In Short podcast episode "Avalanche survivor: Lawrence's story".


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