Mailbox: a new theory of dark matter

The part of the show where we read out your correspondence....
29 October 2019


Colourful socks hanging on a washing line


This is the part of the show where Chris Smith and Izzie Clarke read out your correspondence...

Chris - We've heard from Kay. She's in Australia and she's written in with her own theory about dark matter. She says she thinks it's just all those lost black socks that have disappeared from the world, they had to go somewhere. You're an expert on that, Izzie, you actually looked at the maths of lost socks earlier this year...

Izzie - Yes, well I was thinking that as I was hanging up my washing today, I had three different black socks, none of which were in a pair, so I'm right with Kay on that one.

Chris - Well, she says of course no one can see the dark matter because no one can find the dark socks. But Rob Eastaway, who is a mathematician, told you that the solution to the black sock problem is just to buy exclusively black socks and then you never know you've lost them.

Izzie - Well, absolutely. Or check the weird little filtration part of your washing machine and they might be there. But don't go around disassembling your washing machines is my advice.

Izzie - And listener John has a correction to our piece last week about the nano-guitar string. In the piece, it was wrongly said that Jimi Hendrix used feedback by moving his guitar towards a microphone, whereas he actually just moved his guitar, which is a microphone of sorts, towards the amplifiers. Thanks for pointing that one out.

Chris - So if you have any comments, feedback, criticism, or suggestions for the program that you'd like aired on the mailbox you can send that in now. It's You can tweet @nakedscientists, we've also got our Facebook page, of course, you go to, and we'll pick them up.


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