Why are things fundamental to the universe so hard to detect?

25 October 2011




I enjoy listening to your podcasts very much and am always looking out for them. Alas, the astronomy and archeology do not seem to come any more. Will they resume or have they simply passed away?

On another issue, I would like to raise the matter of dark matter and dark energy. It has always seemed to me that theoretical scientists have tended to invent a 'reality' in order to ensure their their theoretical positions have a basis in reality. Yet there seems to be more reason than ever to question this position. For instance, the evidence from CERN, the faint galaxies and the failure of detectors to identify the missing matter raises the possibility that the theories will need to change. I for one cannot understand why the Higgs-Boson or dark matter are so difficult to find when they are supposed to be fundamental to the universe. Of course, you can tell I am not a scientist but I would like to have the issues explained so I think a discussion would make a very interesting podcast.

Thanks for your time.

Geoff Griffith


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