Man buys Fallout First website... first!

A disgruntled fan buys
21 November 2019

Interview with 

Dan Stapleton,


A nuclear wasteland


What is Fallout First? And why was one fan annoyed about it? Chris Berrow and Leigh Milner find out...

Chris -  It’s a yearly subscription service… that... and I’m quoting… “enhances the Fallout 76 experience. Members receive access to Private Worlds, exclusive cosmetic items” etc etc etc

Leigh - Well not all fans were happy with this announcement… and one even decided to buy the website “” and write some pretty harsh things about it. Fair to say, it’s caused a bit of a stir online.

Chris - That man is Dan Stapleton… and I asked him... why he did it...

Dan - I was driving home from work after I saw the announcement earlier from Bethesda and thought to myself you know what this is ridiculous. This is it's a complete scam and I was driving home and I thought you know what with how Bethesda has been handling things lately, let me check on GoDaddy to see if they actually registered the domain. And of course they didn't. And it was kind of like a snowball because I was thinking oh well you know what... I'm gonna I'm gonna buy this. And then from there I was like well let's see if I can download their page. And I was able to download it. Which then allowed me to edit it. And then from there it was just a snowball.

Chris - So what are you hoping to actually achieve with this?

Dan - You know it takes many forms but the biggest thing that I wanted out of all of this is maybe not necessarily towards Bethesda but to continue or start a conversation that has already been going on. You know the only reason that this is viable is that Fortnite and one night you have kids playing the game and they love the skins which cosmetic items I don't care for if you want to spend your money. I can't even yell too much in regards to cosmetic items because in League of Legends I've probably spent over two thousand dollars but when you're putting gameplay features behind a paywall you know no one likes Pay to Win systems. And if I've already paid sixty dollars for a game that's not OK. So the big thing for me was to start a conversation about all this. I mean I'd love I'd love for Bethesda to take a step back and go OK we realised that this was a bad idea let's roll this back let's refund all the money of the people who already bought the service and let's give you what you want, you know. And if that happened they'd be amazing.


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