Pope Simulator: Preview

Would you play the latest simulator to be announced... Pope... Simulator?
22 April 2020

Interview with 

Naked Gaming Podcast


The pope


Chris & Leigh preview Pope Simulator. 

The trailer has only just come out. It's called Pope Simulator.


Leigh - Does it have the Pope Mobile in it?

Chris - How could it not? The game begins on conclave day when the College of Cardinals select a new Pope, that's you Leigh Milner!

Leigh - The white smoke rises.

Chris - You'd have to be a man though. That's the way they roll. Maybe this is the new postmodern Pope Simulator... so you choose a coat of arms... you can organize pilgrimages and wield the influence of the Vatican it says, so just in case you're wondering, keep an eye out for a Pope Simulator coming soon. 



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