Remembering the mission to the moon

Landing on the moon was an iconic moment in history. Our listeners share what it meant to them...
23 July 2019


An astronaut in a snowy setting in profile, looking up at the sky


We asked for people to tell us their own feelings about the Moon landing, and their own memories. This is what we heard...

I remember thinking it was very unreal, that it really wasn't happening that it was like film.

The whole family was excited it was an amazing thing.

I remember it was roughly the same night that the Stones went number one with Honky Tonk Women and being a Stones fan that was just as important as the moon landing! But I did run up and down between TV in the living room and radio on my own room to follow both events.

When I was on tour in Ireland with Yes. And we played a gig in Cork. We went down to the pub around the corner and it was the night of the moon landing. So we thought “hey what a wonderful time to be alive. You know we're landing on the moon.”

The Apollo missions to me personally are so inspiring and insane but in the best ways. Reading about them as a kid was what inspired me and got me excited about science and spaceflight in the first place. So to me they are this endless source of fascination, you know I've been studying this the bulk of my life and I'm still finding new things that make me say “are you serious? This is what happened?

I think if we do go back we should go back in the right spirit with the right reasons and I think it would be cool to set up some kind of little moon base there. I think it would be fun to go to Mars. You know I like the idea of humans going out and you know walking around on different bodies in the solar system.

I remember going outside looking at the full moon and it seemed that it was different in some way. Somehow a lot closer to the earth.


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