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Is Anthem worth buying after all the patches?
03 June 2019


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Anthem is an online multiplayer action role playing video game developed by Bioware and published by Electronic Arts. It's quite similar to destiny. If you've played that game except that it's in third person. Chris Berrow and Alex Rhodes share their thoughts.

Voiceover: Feel the power of your javelin. It's precision. Rely on each other. Unleash your power.

Chris - Well Alex I'll tell you what. I've been playing this a bit too much probably to the detriment of me actually completing the walking dead from the beginning to be honest with you.

Alex - Well you've only got so much time.

Chris - Yeah yeah I know. But I tell you what it is. This is one of those games where the reviews came in and it was really slated and I will yeah. I'd be very tepid. I was I was reluctant to buy it to be honest with you. But I watched a video and I thought it looks like it could be my kind of thing. So I bought it. And it's one of the best games I've probably ever played. To be honest I love it. It's just incredible.

Alex - You see I also you know I was put off by the reviews and I watch some videos on it and it seemed like because it's been in there it's been in production for a long time I think like you say it was very much inspired by Bunji's destiny. And back when I think everyone in the industry thought this is the way gaming is going to go. But destiny didn't really perform the way they wanted. But by the time they were really up and running it was kind of too late. So yeah it's interesting to hear that you really enjoyed it because I've seen a lot of people saying you know even though it's taken so long to make it still could you do some extra time to polish. Yeah things like that.

Chris - Well what I've noticed is that I'm lucky in the sense that I came to it slightly later so I'd got a few of the day one patches already. So I hadn't gone through the kind of frustration that you know you're getting thousands of guns every time you do a mission. But none of them are useful so you have to sift through them all than you know melt them down into basically parts for other guns and stuff like that. And I have to say though this is just pure gameplay for me the actual gameplay is just amazing the way you fly around in your javelin suit as a freelancer as I mentioned. You really feel like you could go anywhere on the map and the maps are huge. They're enormous.

Alex - You know if you can get the core gameplay right. You can actually fix the things in patches. I mean in an ideal world you wouldn't. I heard of one and one little mistake on it when it was first sent out was that obviously with the loot it's all randomized the sort of attack values on weapons you could get you know one of the drops where some of the guns would come in and their attack value was zero. So they wouldn't actually actually damage anything.

Chris - Well thankfully I managed to miss out on that but I suppose what really kind of trying to argue is that is it worth buying today. And I would say the answer to that question is yes maybe you steered clear of it because of release but because the latest patches are there they fixed some of the loot problems they've actually just made it a very smooth running game and it's it's you feel powerful you know you feel like you should feel when you're flying around a big kind of mechanized suit. The story is okay the voice acting's fine. One of the side characters Owen is really quite annoying, but it's not really a game about story. It's got very smooth multiplayer so you sign it for a mission you load up and yeah keep the loading times a little bit long but you get chucked into a mission with three other random people online. Or of course your own friends if you want to add them into your party and it's just really good. Everything runs smooth. The missions are great. It's a lot of variety in there. And I have to say that you know I've got absolutely no problems with this game. I think it's really incredible.

Alex - Well I hope it does the numbers there that Bioware hopes it will do because they seem like a bit of a studio and they're kind of their last legs really so the problem with this game is you also came up came out at a similar time as Apex legends. Yeah which is this which is free to download. So you always get it. And that proved to be a massive smash even like you know seeing our Fortnite in terms of most streamed games on Twitch and things like that so you know when someone's absorbing all the hits like how no one tries to release a game when RockStar release one or when the new Call of Duty is coming out you get sucked into that black hole there.

Chris - Yeah you certainly do. A couple of complaints that I had you know I can ignore most things. If you can't play offline so if you're an offline kind of player if your internet isn't brilliant do stay clear of this one because it's one of those games where you need to constantly be connected to the Internet. You can't play in any way if you're not connected. The only thing that's a bit weird is that every time you load up the game in the sort of opening credit thing for about five seconds there's a message that comes up on PS4 in my experience that says “sorry you cannot stream this because this is restricted content” which is really weird and then after that goes it says “streaming available again”. And you think well why is that showing up every time I log into the game.

Alex - Again that seems like another bug that should have been detected.

Chris -  Yes.

Alex - These days every game needs to be able to be streamed. I think these arguments that you know people are giving away on on Twitch and things like that but I don't think that's the case. I think it's helped them out in terms of publicity if a game is doing well on Twitch and YouTube and things like that.

Chris - So true. One of our next games is certainly doing well on Twitch, but I would give this one a good 8 out of 10 if you don't mind getting the later release and going through all the patches. It's well worth it. Anthem is available on PS4 and Xbox One now.



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