Review - Hearthstone: Rise of Shadows

Is Hearthstone's latest expansion enough to make you want to play again?
03 June 2019


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Hearthstone: Rise of Shadows which is the latest expansion and it's available now and PC and mobile, so Chris Berrow and Alex Rhodes share their throughts. 

Voiceover - So you're probably wondering why I've gathered you. Take a moment. And break it down. We've been given black eyes by the good guys. Oh about that's all. Those that got some mortals who mucked about missions. We'd finally feel some about. Hey you seem devious a bad guy requires a demonstrative thing to chop your will have your dreams come true. I'd be better off.

Chris - So you haven't played Hearthstone before Alex, how would you describe it. Because I mean I would say it's kind of like an online card game based on World of Warcraft characters but it's a bit like poker in a way as well isn't it.

Alex - That's the way a best way to do describe. I'd say. Yeah it's one of these online card games if you have played. So for example like the which of three one of the mini games was went Gwent exactly which became its own sort of spin off. But this is a something that's been around for a while obviously being pushed by Blizzard so big backing, looks very nice and crucially for me, you can play it on your MacBook Air and like anything else that’s it Rome Total War that's all I've got.

Chris - Wow that's so true. I've got it on my Macbook as well. It's not the air, I've upgraded, but yeah I mean I suppose the thing to say about this is if you haven't played Hearthstone before it's a very colorful game. It is basically a kid's card game which adults spend too much time on. I think I've mentioned before and you go head to head against other online players so you can play people who are playing on their mobiles. You can play on the move and you have a collection of cards that grows and grows. There's like a classic set of cards and then there's expansions that turn up and we're in a brand new year of Hearthstone which is quite good because all the old cards are basically gone and it's time to start your collection almost again really.

Alex - Yes it's always interesting to see a game that thinks in terms of years you know most games will you know they realize they've got about a shelf life of 10 months or a year on you know console or whatever then people stop playing and they just try and hit you with various DLC's made for a couple of years, but Hearthstone has been around for ages, and they as you say they they come out with new seasons and eventually some of the older cards become redundant so I guess it keeps it fresh.

Chris - How do you find this one because I've actually found it quite a pleasant change up after playing one particular deck, after playing Hunter for about a year. You get sick of it and you go away but this does change things up enough for me to be interested again.

Alex - Exactly new cards new sort of different you know they do different things and also it looks like another single player expansions on the way they did that in the last few expansions they had like single player content which I've been really enjoying yearly so I'm excited to see what that new what that new element is.

Chris - It's not yet been released they've just released this sort of multiplayer cards so far and it's worth saying as well you don't have to actually pay to play it although there's some people say well it costs money to buy the packs if you don't want to earn them but you doubt you can play for free which is one of the bonuses next game.

Alex - I've never spent a penny on it and you know you downloaded it for free of the I suppose the AppStore and then yes you can. It's one of those things where if you want to put some money into it you can buy some card packs.

Chris - But the game does let you earn them. Give me your rating out of 10 Alex Rhodes.

Alex - I'd give it a solid eight.

Chris - Good good. I was going to give it 7 so let's go with 8. That's very generous I think. Good good rating.

Alex - I'm not kidding around.


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