Review - Dauntless

Can Phoenix Lab's new release compete with Fortnite?
17 July 2019


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Chris Berrow and Leigh Milner review Dauntless on PS4. 


Chris - So it is a bit like Fortnight. It was very cartoony. You immediately lost patience with this game but that was boring. There was one cut scene in the whole game.

Leigh - Look right. It took too long to kill the monsters. My character didn't look great.

Chris - Yeah that sort of development of your character at the very beginning you can choose the nose, the face...

Leigh - I want cool outfits. I want great hair. The best thing it had paint all over a face loved that. The thing is it kind of loses focus quite quickly and once you've killed one boss not to give too much away really there's not much left today.

Chris - You have basically done it all is a bit like Monster Hunter. I was really confused at the beginning of this game because it's worth saying it's free to play so you'd have to buy it like that but you basically get faced with a massive boss straight away you hack and slash it to death. Okay what's next. You land in the main base and then they send you off on another mission. Yeah. Then you hack and slash the next being out and that is it to death and then you come back and then they send you on another mission and it's the same.

Leigh - And what I don't like is that you have to defeat the boss with three other players. So it's not your own journey. You're constantly having to play with other players which are not keen.

Chris - So four player co-op online only if you play a mission and you're unlucky enough that there's any one other person playing with you you've only got two people hacking and slashing and a big boss. And it takes absolutely forever. Twenty five minutes it can take two to be a boss. There's no. It's for me. There's no skill involved. Yeah you just hammer the square button yeah or the triangle button. So I suppose that is variety is halfway there. And then the gear they are releasing new elements of the game each month. But it's boring. Yeah it is better on P.C. there's a lot of lag playing this game as well you would shuddering chittering around the whole place it wasn't good it was it was fun but it was like a really basic game and they want it to compete with fortnight which is one of the most popular games right now. The other thing that's worth saying is that I read a real interesting analysis about this game and they basically think about it. There's these really innocent creatures living in a world, and you turn up with three of your mates and kill them to death for absolutely no reason apart from the fact that they have scales that you want to steal their scales you want to steal their horn!

Leigh - how awful.

Chris - So you turn up on this world and just kill everything and then go.

Leigh - Didn't really think of it like that. So now that you told me I feel a bit bad.

Chris - You only killed one! I killed about 30. I'm so sorry. All those innocent creatures. Yeah. So anyway for me it was a 4 out of 10. What about you.

Leigh - Well I'll give it a 1.

Chris - Very harsh.



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