Review - DayZ

Finally released on PS4 is DayZ worth the wait?
17 July 2019


A playstation controller


Chris Berrow and Leigh Milner review DayZ.

Chris - This is a game I've been waiting I would say probably two years for, finally released on PlayStation 4 It's DayZ. Or Day Zed if your British! Zombie survival and you don't get any resources or anything like that.

Voiceover - I remember a time before all of this there was life no press freedom. For disease spread quickly. And only a few were. Lost. In desperately fighting for survival.

Chris - So I played this game for about five hours and I don't know how to do anything. I mean genuinely I turned. I started the game. It's a zombie survival horror game right. You think I care what you know straightaway you come to life near the coast and you think I'm gonna run to the nearest thing and get loads of resources. I started off in the pitch black you can't see anything. There's no tutorial for the game so you're supposed to just work out how to make fire. I think this is the worst game I've ever played.

I'm giving this game a minus 10.

Leigh - You can't give it minus 10.

Chris - I can't give it the minuse 10 because it because not only was it rubbish it cost 40 pounds and it actually angered me.

Leigh - It cost us 40 pounds. You've only played it once.

Chris - I know I played it three times. Igenuinely want my money back. I'm going to put an email in and see because there's no instructions yet.

Leigh - Are you sure you haven't missed anything.

Chris - I looked up three YouTube videos on things you're supposed to do... after two hours... I managed to make a fire where you have to scrape the bark off a tree with a stone and then you have to hack down a bush with a stone and then cut the long stick into short sticks and then you have to.

Leigh - So it's like a poor man's tomb raider.

Chris - Yeah. And then you have to get a rag and put it round the short stick and then you have to get the other short stick and get the bark and then create a fire creation tool. Are you bored yet. I was bored and then you combine them together. Then you make a torch and then that lasts for about 30 seconds. Never ever buy DayZ. What a disappointment... what a huge letdown.




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