Review: Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Is the latest battle-royale style game Fall Guys a world-beater? (yes)
23 August 2020

Interview with 

Jack Surfleet, Naked Gaming Podcast


A playstation controller


Jack Surfleet has been playing Fall Guys a bit too much. See what he thinks of the latest game that's taking the battle royale scene by storm!

Jack - A new Battle Royale game has joined the market and well it's slightly crazy. Full Guys has been out on PC and PlayStation four for only a few weeks, and has already built up a consistent player base. It's not hard to see why. Let me tell you how it works. It's a combination of a Battle Royale and a set of mini matches with a few co-op challenges thrown in for your added frustration at your once enemies... now teammates. You'll be playing as one of 60 bean shaped contestants in each round. Your waddle, stumble, fall, and roll your way to the finish through slime and hoops, across fans and pathways... and over rotating barrels. A small number of players will be eliminated each round until a few of you remain for a mad dash to get your hands on the crown. 

The thing that sets this game apart from others is the sheer madness of a small playing area and lots of competition. It's near impossible early on to play with a tactic in mind, it's both frustrating and hilarious. The short load times and fast response will leave you trying again and again, you won't get bored though. As there were around two dozen different mini games in rotation, it's a game of frustration, luck and downright hilarity as only one stray piece of flying fruit and annoying tick tack size contestant, or a huge set of swinging balls... stick with me, can derail your chances of qualifying. That said, you'll be coming back and playing again and again.


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