Review – Gears Of War 5

Is the latest Gears game worth buying?
21 September 2019

Interview with 

Chris Berrow, Naked Gaming Podcast


A playstation controller


Let’s start with Gears of War 5, which has been a long time coming… is this finally an Xbox game worth playing?


Chris Berrow - I can answer that question… no...

The thing is Gears of War 1 and Gears of War 2 were probably some of the best games I've ever played. I remember at "A Level" time playing that game and preferring gaming over doing my A-levels! Oh sorry, we're on air now, but I loved it!

But then a new company took over. They've added in is 3 player co-op instead of two player. So if you want to play with three people I recommend it. There's new modes, there's something called Escape, which means that you're trying to essentially survive and get out of an area.

The graphics are the same though as the last game - a bit too colourful - like in the first games there were dark, gritty, quite shiny. It created that atmosphere and now it's a bit more cartoony and everything looks a bit dull at the same time, so I didn't like the graphics on it.

The training mission took about an hour. I could be bothered to do the campaign and the worst thing is that the voice acting was all rubbish, and I could do a better job. I could do Marcus Fenix "there's a locust behind you". Anyway I didn't like it that much.

If you liked Gears of War 3 and 4, then this is the game for you and you'll probably love it and you'll give it an 8 out of 10.

It cost 2 pounds, which is the good thing about it. Because if it still you can get it with the X Box Ultimate Subscription - you sign up and you can download loads and loads of games and they're doing a special deal where you can have it for the first two months and we're in month 2 now for 2 pounds a month.

Okay that then runs out, but you can cancel at any time. So I wouldn't recommend it particularly here. I would say 3 out of 10. I didn't enjoy it at all. That's a very unpopular opinion I know. But if you didn't like Gears of War 4 You ain't going to like this one. It's out now though on Xbox and Windows 10, and it's got that classic online multiplayer if that's your thing.



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