Review: Pokemon Sword & Shield

Is Pokemon Sword & Shield a worthy addition to the poke-universe?
21 November 2019

Interview with 

Chris Berrow & Leigh Milner, Naked Gaming Podcast


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Chris Berrow and Leigh Milner review Pokemon Shield...


Chris - Now there's a few different things about Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield; the only one that matters for Leigh is that, in Pokemon Shield, there's a Pokemon called "Pony-ta" and the Pokemon Shield version is a pink fluffy unicorn. Yeah. Version. Yeah. Right. So that's why we got that version. Come on then Pokemon fan, what you got for me?

Leigh - I haven't stopped playing it.

Chris - You were so tired today, you were literally falling asleep today!

Leigh - I fell asleep with it in my hands.

Chris - I know that

Leigh - I had just been on radio 4 for talking about Stadia. I got straight home into my PJs and played Pokémon.

Chris - And how are you doing at pokemon?

Leigh - I love it so I've got a new strategy because obviously I played all the Gameboy games yet. This time I'm trying to catch them all, so I finally get it.

Chris - Yeah cause I said to you. You said I can't be bothered to catch up pokemon. I said you do know that you have to catch them all.

Leigh - Yeah I know; I'm doing that more this time. It used to be all about the battles. Now like I'm gonna collect them all!

Chris - There are about 400 Pokemon to this game

Leigh - That's fine. I've got plenty of time. The graphics are great. This time you'll meet in different pokemon but not just different pokemon but like they come in different sizes.

Chris - Yeah and the bigger they are the higher the level. Now there's this new thing in this Pokemon game which I'd never heard of before called something like Gigantamax. Yeah well basically you'll come across a Pokemon. You know you go into like a red beam of light. You walk in and then the pokemon that you and up to three other people are facing is absolutely massive, and a much higher level. So you can then if you've trained your Pokemon up enough - if your bars fall - you can then like maximize your Pokemon as well, so you get these two huge massive Pokemon fighting each other and you find that quite an interesting 'cos it just shakes it up a bit and also the battle scenes are much much more interesting.

Leigh - They've really ramped it up. The storylines better to follow as well is good isn't it.

Chris - I found the music a bit annoying; did you?

Leigh - I just turn it down. 

Chris - There's also no voices still in the game like the characters don't speak. 

Leigh - No and I kinda like that. Because you have the sound effects. And they used I think they still use the retro sounds from game day... that's just a nice little touch.

Chris - The only other thing and this is not really a complaint but that the signs in the game are in Japanese rather than in English and you think well I've chosen the English translation so you'd think it would say Pokecentre instead of... I can't read symbols.

Leigh - I'd give it an 11 out of 10!


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