Simulator of the Month: Lovingly Evil

How good is Alex Rhodes at a villain dating simulator? Worryingly.
25 September 2020

Interview with 

Alex Rhodes, Naked Gaming Podcast


A castle surrounded by bats


Alex Rhodes goes dating on a villain dating simulator... called Lovingly Evil!

Alex - Hello, Chris and Leigh Alex here. Now, um, when you guys told me I'd be doing this one, I was worried at first that it was going to be like realistic villains. So like I'd be worried that, you know, I'd be trying to set up a date with Fred West or Attila the Hun or the guy who invented cold calls, but it's actually, it's more like, um, you know, sort of fantasy style, you know, you've got your witches, your necromancers that sort of thing. So let's give it a go new game. Here we go. So I'm at the villain conference basically. I think the setup of this is you are adding an away day for villains. A skeleton is on the reception at the moment. Ooh, dignified woman, excuse me for the interruption. But I believe I was given the wrong badge... preposterous. I'll have, you know that I'm a VIP guest haven't you heard my family, the skeleton turns to address you looking distressed.

And actually the skeleton does look pretty distressed, which is, um, pretty good for someone who doesn't have any skin. Okay. So it's a while I'm dealing with her basically go to the create a character page. I'm going to go with kind of like a vampire look, red eyes, suit, pointy face. You don't really see fat vampires do you I've got to go sort of skinny. There we go. Yes. Okay. So I've kind of got like an emo fringe now, or you can put like a pet or a familiar, uh, so let's go with a Raven. Okay. We need your background information. Please fill out this form. Forms can be fun. If you have the right mindset, he says here I'll help you fill in your name. I'm going to go with count buffula where we go. So everyone knows what to expect. Ooh, you wonder around the conference center until an unexpected sense, catches your attention.

I'm at like a sort of flower shop and seems to be empty. When you get closer, you notice a slight rustling behind the red tulips, a wave of luscious hair swings in front of your eyes, revealing a handsome, delicate face. This guy looks like a vampire or you, I can ask, Oh Felix Von Gloomeart. That's better than Count Buffalo sounds like a name I would have chosen for myself. I really liked the premise. The premise is really fun. Oh, he's the villain conferences florist. And my character said that doesn't sound like a very evil job. He composes bouquets that carry a message of your choice and believe me some message requests get I get are very evil. Uh, I'm still looking for love at the villain conference. Uh, so who knows? Uh, I've got three days booked at the con as it's known. 



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