Simulator of the Month: Maneater

Leigh Milner channels Jaws as she reviews Maneater - a shark simulator.
25 September 2020

Interview with 

Leigh Milner, Naked Gaming Podcast


Great White Shark


Leigh Milner reviews the shark simulator "Maneater".

Leigh - I'm going to put a video up of me playing this, which is quite, I'm going to have to put like a rating on it because it's quite brutal.

I love it. This is like on another level. This is like Jaws X-rated. You're basically a shark and you get given tasks to, to kill humans, which is a bit bizarre and you can kind of sneak up on them or you can just go on a rampage. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, why not?

Maneater's out now for windows PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and it's coming soon to switch for a whopping £35.



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