Speaking Simulator: Review

It's one of the most bizarre ideas for a game ever, is Speaking Simulator worth playing?
22 April 2020

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Naked Gaming Podcast


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Chris Berrow reviews Speaking Simulator... 

Chris - As a radio DJ I thought I would be quite good at Speaking Simulator. So I'm the perfect person to play it. You're a alien robot thing that's turned up on earth and you have to pretend that you're a human. You have to try and get away with having conversations with other people.

You have to press certain buttons to get your tongue to move. You have to use the left analog stick. It's quite funny. I was going to play a lot of this, but it was so boring. After the first three minutes, I just had to switch off and delete the game. It's kind of like surgeon simulator. You're not really supposed to win the game. It's just supposed to be funny. Unlike Goat Simulator, which is entertaining for a bit longer. I love goat simulator, but this was too short lived.

So it's getting a 2 out of 10... Speaking Simulator is now available though one Switch, PC and Mac, and it's 15 quid. 


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