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26 June 2018

Is it possible to weigh things in space?

12 June 2018

No one wants rust, but what makes it happen?

12 June 2018

They're the stuff of sci-fi, but how do lasers actually work?

15 May 2018

It's conspiracy time: was the moon landing staged?

27 March 2018

Do we need to start panicking, or what?

20 February 2018

What are the chances that a bridge will stay standing?

20 February 2018

Are we getting close to the limits with construction?

20 February 2018

Is digging deep the most efficient way to build in a crowded city?

20 February 2018

Cape Town may have to turn the taps off...

30 January 2018

You'll be hungry for an answer to this pasta problem...

12 December 2017

Anthony wants to know if launching a rocket from a tube would make it travel faster.

07 November 2017

Would a car protect you from a lightning strike, and what would happen if you were driving?

03 October 2017

Gold is created in stars, but why does it clump together to form nuggets?

04 September 2017

Is there a future for wearable computers?

04 September 2017

Cracking the code of code machines...

04 September 2017

Could hyperloops make commuting a thing of the past?

08 August 2017

It's vitally important we know which one we are talking about...

27 June 2017

Is it possible to create noise-cancelling headphones, but for an apartment?

13 June 2017

Once it's flung off into space, what actually happens to used spacecrafts?

13 June 2017

Is there any technology which can help us run faster or be stronger? Like the iron-man suit?”