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25 May 2017

In May 2017, the Naked Scientists reported on the discovery that the caterpillar of the wax moth can break down plastic...

23 May 2017

My standard way of opening a stubborn metal lid on a glass jar for the first time is to run hot tap water over the lid...

23 May 2017

How do waterproof coats work? And how does that differ from water resistance?

23 May 2017

What are the stats for accidents involving space crafts? How does landing compare to launch in terms of safety?

11 April 2017

Is it real or just a special effect in movies and cartoons?

07 March 2017

How do the new glass bridges appearing all over China not break when hit with a sledgehammer?

07 March 2017

Why don't we just use diamond-tipped blades?

07 March 2017

How does Jupiter's moon Io get the energy needed to heat it up?

07 March 2017

Is there anyway to fix a shrunken jumper?

07 March 2017

Or is there something else in the natural world that trumps it?

07 February 2017

Could plankton be modified to eat plastic?

10 January 2017

Seats are weighty, but would it make much of a saving?

27 September 2016

Could the testing of nuclear bombs lead to earthquakes?

13 September 2016

This time, Kevin asked why line drying makes clothes rougher and stiffer than tumble drying...

26 April 2016

Is it true that there is no restriction for an elevator ascent but not for desent?