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07 December 2021

Is there a planet where the singer 'Prince' can literally see you laughing in the purple rain?

07 December 2021

Is there another rocky planet like ours out in the universe?

19 November 2021

Surely space travel can't be worse than the M25.

11 November 2021

Of all the colours it could've chosen, why did it pick such a boring one?

11 November 2021

Far far away, the star Betelgeuse has done something strange. Could it be a sign that it's about to explode?

11 November 2021

Could you survive a holiday to the red planet?

26 October 2021

Is Jeff Bezos an astronaut ? Why not get in touch and let us know what you think?

12 October 2021

The body of a floating astronaut would have to decompose eventually, wouldn't it?

28 September 2021

NASA announces plans for a rover to return to the moon and also proposes a manned mission to the lunar surface

28 September 2021

Only a fraction of the universe is visible to the naked eye: how do we observe that which can't be seen?

27 September 2021

Stars like the 1181 AD 'Guest Star' are no longer visible, so how can we work out what they were?

13 September 2021

As our Universe expands, light stretches and so loses energy... but where does this energy go?

27 July 2021

Curious whiffs of methane are emanating from Mars: did life make them?

27 July 2021

The team took stamps into space, but got sent packing by NASA...

27 July 2021

How high you need to go, if at all, to experience microgravity...

26 July 2021

Why are monied entrepreneurs all dashing into space this week?

29 June 2021

Astrophysicist Katie Mack weighs in on the state of the sky...

29 June 2021

What's really out there in the darkness of space?

29 June 2021

Given the Big Bang was such a quick expansion, are we at risk of equally quickly shrinking down again?

22 September 2020

Listener David asks how to measure time during space travel - and how the body clock gets affected...

15 September 2020

North Carolina State University's Katie Mack answers our listener questions...

28 July 2020

Test yourself on these physics facts and space head-scratchers!

23 June 2020

Will the universe end up starless?