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13 June 2017

Cosmology and symmetry go hand in hand. If there are black holes, are there such things as white holes as well?

23 May 2017

I know there have been many missions to the moon and it's incredible to think humans have walked on its surface!...

07 March 2017

How does Jupiter's moon Io get the energy needed to heat it up?

07 March 2017

Why do new planets have such terrible names?

07 March 2017

Is the frozen water on the Moon, Mars or anywhere else in space drinkable?

07 March 2017

What will the Event Horizon Telescope see?

07 March 2017

What's so special about the size of the Earth that makes life more likely?

21 February 2017

Would a mirror lightyears away in space show us our planet's ancient history?

14 February 2017

If an asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs, but birds are dinosaurs, what the heck is going on?

17 January 2017

What would have happened if Neil Armstrong had taken one giant leak for mankind?

10 January 2017

...and where does the sky end?

10 January 2017

Normally, when stuff collides, things fly apart from each other. So how did planets form in the first place?

24 October 2016

Why don't you get thrown backwards when you switch on your torch? Kerstin Göpfrich found out from Dr Anna Lombardi.

18 October 2016

Could a jaunt to Jupiter be the physics-version of anti-wrinkle cream?