What can I do to alleviate my tinnitus?

14 October 2012



Jill asked:

I've had tinnitus for about a year now. The problem is, I'm totally blind as well. I've coped with that, but this tinnitus is like, driving me up the wall. I was in the hospital in May. I had labyrinthitis for 8 days and I had my ears tested and they said that for my age, my hearing is good. But, there’s just nothing they said they can do for my tinnitus.


Alan -   Peyman, what could she perhaps do?

Peyman -   Typically, when we lose one sense and in her case, she’s lost her sight, other senses then seem to become more sensitive.  There are various things she can attempt as her hearing is normal.  She probably won't be offered any hearing aids, but what people tend to do is use unconventional means or self-help techniques. People use different sounds for example, such as white noise, which works by drowning the tinnitus sound and this is called masking.  There are also more pleasant sounds that people use which have psychological soothing effects like the sound of ocean waves, rainfall or soft music.  But again, as with everything else to do with tinnitus, what works with one person doesn’t necessarily work with someone else.


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